How to Get Started Creating Ecovers

So you have just written your first book or report and are looking forward to the anticipation of getting it published and putting it up for sale. The one thing that is holding you back right now is that you don't have an ebook cover for it.

It can be hard when you are first starting out to know how to do this and of course, you don't want to spend too much money on your first ecover. You are in luck as there is a way that you can create your ecover for free!

This is the exact tool that I used when I was just starting out creating my own books and reports. You can see it in action for yourself here: My Ecover Maker

In fact I was so happy with my results that I never tried any other option. Of course, practice makes perfect, and the more ecovers you create the better you will get at producing them. But if you are looking for a quick solution to get your first book on the market then why not try this one out?

You don't have to pay and you will still end up with a great looking ecover. Remember that you can download both a 2D and a 3D version of your book and that you can advertise your book all over the place with these images. Upload them to your social sites and share the news with your friends that you are now a published author!

The truth is that today, people are very visual, and they do judge a book by its cover. Honestly you probably do the same too!  So if the only thing that is holding you back is creating your ecover try out this free ecover maker today. By tomorrow your book can be on the market.

Many people today run e-commerce stores and require thumbnail size images or icons for their store. You could need to make an image on a daily basis if you are busy adding new products to your store. Using this ecover maker can make your job much easier and won't increase your budget.

If you find that you enjoy creating ecovers you can always graduate to using a more professional software such as Photoshop later on. Or you may find, like I did, that this software produced great results. Why shell out more money if you don't really need to? Anyway I highly recommend that you try this alternative out first and see how you get on with it.