Do Free Ecover Makers Do a Good Job?

One of the biggest problems for anyone who writes books and reports or even creates their own products is how to produce a great looking ecover for it. While it is relatively easy to find a professional designer their prices can be a little out of your budget. This is very true if you need to produce a ton of ecovers on a regular basis.

Many people I know write short reports and can easily require four or more ecovers each month. Using a designer may just not be practical for you. Another choice that you may be seeing more often is to use one of the many free ecover makers that are available. Of course your biggest questions will include; are they easy to use and do they produce quality results?
Quite honestly I have used a free ecover maker and the results were extremely good. The problem I ran into was that I couldn't always store my designs online. Once my ecover was downloaded the files were not saved. So if I couldn't edit the cover myself I was still stuck when it came to making changes. I would have to start from scratch again! Not the best solution for a busy writer.

Today people are very visual especially when they are shopping online. Images are everywhere and your ecover needs to attract attention in order to sell your reports and books.

As I mentioned I have used a free ecover maker but the method I settled on was a little different. I prefer to pay a small fee and have the ability to design and store my ecovers online. I am still using an ecover maker software program.

I have the ability to design as many covers as I wish each month. Plus I can test out ecovers and then come back and tweak them, that's what I really enjoy about this software. That and the fact that my designs are saved for me and when the software is updated I don't have to pay anything extra for the new features.

I have a banner on this site for the software I use, so you can check it out too if you like. The great part is that you can try it for free, but you will have limited use. The free idea is to give you a sneak-peek inside and create an ecover for yourself. This will inspire ideas for additional covers and banners that you might like to create. 

With a monthly membership you will get full access to the software and the entire range of templates and background images and designs. Why not try it out for yourself and let me know if you have any questions.