Ecover Makers Increase in Popularity

If you do any type of online marketing you will notice that there has been a huge increase in the number of people using images. This is partly due to the popularity of social media sites. Everyone loves to share things and some of the easiest content to share are graphics, images along with your ecovers.

There are so many people that are self publishing books and reports and they all need ecovers. Getting an ecover created by a graphic designer can be really expensive. This is why ecover maker software is so popular at the moment.

It really is simple enough to learn how to use this type of software, plus if you don't like your design, you just start again. Ecover makers come with a number of book templates ready to go. You simply select the type of cover you would like, choose a background add your text and create your ecover.

As you get more experienced you can always upload your own photos and graphics to use as your background. This ensures that your ecover will always be unique to you.

It would be hard to create the exact same ecover as another person anyway. Most of the ecover maker sites have around 90 different templates to choose from. Then they all have a good collection of background choices along with ready to go graphics. These graphics include stickers that say things like Free or Download Now along with icons with symbols and numbers on them.

The ecovers that you could create are almost endless. Plus my favourite ecover maker has now added iPad, iPhone and computer templates along with brochures and membership cards. So in addition to creating your ecover you could easily create additional promotional items that you can use to market your books and reports.

Currently with the way social media marketing, including sites like Pinterest, are growing in popularity, you don't want to miss out on this marketing trend. Start learning today how to easily create your own ecovers online. There is no expensive software to download or learn. You just create an account, log in and start creating your own ecovers immediately.

Remember too that all your files are stored online for you. This makes it easy to come back and make a few changes to your ecovers. Or you might decide to create a brand new version.

Once you have your ecovers created Pin them to your Pinterest Board and upload them to your social media sites so your friends can share them.