What Type of eCover Should You Use?

When choosing an ecover for your latest book or report you definitely have more choices for designs and templates. While you can still use the traditional book or report cover you can also be a lot more creative today.

Your choices include using various images and templates in the design and these include using a box to represent your product or even a DVD image or membership card. Testing different
designs can help you to see if there is a particular one that pulls more people in and increases your sales. 

So... what type of design is best for you?

Well our first piece of advice would be to choose an ecover template that matches your product. For example if your product contains lots of lessons or short reports with audio then a bundle type of template would showcase your product the best. 

If your product mainly consists of video then you could choose from various DVD or CD templates including open or closed cases. If you’re dealing with iPads or eReaders then choose this type of template for your ecover design. 

I think by now you get the idea that ecovers are more than just regular reports and book images. Why not try and get creative with your next product launch. Not sure of the best way to create your own images? Then use my recommended ecover software tool. It is certainly easy to use and comes with so many choices of templates, you really won't have to worry about creating ecovers which are too similar anymore.

As I mentioned earlier you can use my recommended tool to create several versions of your ecovers and then test them to see which ones get more attention and traffic. Testing all parts of your sales funnel is well worth the effort and you may find that your audience prefers a different style totally! 

The ecover software tool is really easy to use and the best part is that it is so affordable. Having a designer do all of your ecovers could run you hundreds of dollars at a time. Now you can create as many as you need for a small monthly cost. This software is easy to use and won't take you that long to master, why not take it for a test drive today and produce your first ecover today?