Professional eCovers Increase Sales - Drastically!

A number of case studies have been done that show a drastic increase in sales once a professional looking eCover was added to the sales page.

In other words, a website's sales page will easily quadruple it's conversion rate (people buying the product) by simply adding a nicely designed eCover.

This is not just the case with ebook covers either. No, this could be anything from an image of a CD, DVD, iphone, ipad, computer screen, membership access card (ecard?), software box, etc. The sky is the limit really!

The point is having proper graphics on your sales page will drastically increase the number of sales you will get.

How does one generate ebook ecovers or ecards or any of the fancy images I just mentioned? Here is how!

That is the site I use to design my sales page related images. I am no expert PhotoShop designer and have very limited designing skills, but all that does not matter with that free ecover maker tool. It's awesome!

Why do the images on a sales page impact the sales so much? Simple. We judge a book by it's cover.

Literally anything we buy, we first look at it and make an instant decision on whether we like it or not. This is true when we buy a house, a car, or something as miniscule as a $2 book.

In the online world, it is said that when a visitor comes to a sales page, we only have 3 seconds to get their attention. Meaning: having decent looking images is of utmost importance.

At the end of the day, here is some food for thought: If you could get two to four times the number of sales with just a little extra work, would you do it? I know I would!