The Importance of Your eCover

It is absolutely critical to have a great looking cover for your new book or report. This is why many top authors spend hours if not days and weeks contemplating what their book cover should look like.

Even if you are not planning on self publishing your book you still want a professional ecover. Many online marketers create reports and pdf's to sell as their own products from their websites. The ecover is going to attract the eye of the visitor to the site. If it looks appealing they are going to click on the cover or link for more information. If not they will simply click away.

Your ecover will either make or break your book no matter what market you are in. While ecovers can be made in a graphics editor such as Photoshop this is an expensive piece of software. What if you can't afford that, do you have any other options?

Actually you do have various options and these include using Gimp, which is the free alternative to Photoshop. Gimp requires a solid learning curve which you may or may not have time for. Other choices include using online ecover makers. I actually went this route myself for my last ecover and was totally impressed by the site.

My ecover maker is an affordable alternative for anyone who requires an ecover. You can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription depending upon how many ecovers you will need. Plus there is an option for a pay as you go method, this would be perfect if you only require an ecover now and then.

There are currently over 90 different designs for your ecover and you have the ability to upload and use your own photos and graphics if you wish. It is simple to select a background section which you want to use. Once done your next step is to add your title text and your author name. When you are happy with the design you can download it as a 2D or 3D image.

The great part is that you can save your design and then come back and make some minor changes. This allows you to test out different colors and font sizes if you wish. You can even change the entire title if you wanted to. Or if you are planning on creating a series of books then you can keep the basic design and just add a new title for each book along with the series number.

Today images and graphics are popular on all websites so it is important for your site to display lots of images. This allows people to share and pin your images to their favorite sites such as Facebook and Pinterest.

If you are in the market for an ecover maker that is affordable and one which works then I would seriously suggest you take a look at my review on My Ecover Maker today.