Free eCover Makers: When to use Them

Whether you have put the finishing touches on your first novel, or researching how to put together an informational how-to eBook, you want it to look professional for a best impression and to hopefully capitalize on your work. The reason we say “Don’t judge book by its cover” is because, quite frankly, people do. If you think it’s any different for eBooks, then you need to reconsider. Consider when to use a free eCover maker to maximize the success of your work.

Agonizing over an eBook book cover before you have written your book is obviously a waste of time. It is more important of course to get your writing done. Once you have a book written and ready to go live, its time that you create an eCover. Since time is money, you’ll want a system that is fast and effective.

If you’ll only be writing occasionally, then look for a free eCover maker. Make sure you read a couple of reviews to find one that people find easy to use and accurate. People are very visual, having a catchy eCover from the very beginning is a great way to appear more professional and increase recognition and sales.

Waiting too long to create your eBook cover can drastically affect sales. People are more likely to look into your book if it has an attractive cover. As with anything in life, attention getting from the beginning is important. Consumers are more likely to remember your eCover than they are the title, consider this when selecting your eBook cover.

When they continue to view your eCover they become more and more likely to purchase your book. Failure to have an eCover can lose lots of traffic and revenue for this reason. Many of the free eCover makers can help you to quickly and cleanly create a professional looking eCover.

When selecting a good free eCover Maker, there are several ways you can protect yourself from wasting time and frustration to find a working program. If you have any connections in the industry, a referral is the best way to find a good eCover creator. For many, this isn’t an option. Next, take the time to read the reviews of the product or products you are considering.

If you are planning on producing quite a few eBooks, such as those who write informational or educational articles, consider a creator with a low monthly expense. These will have the proper updates and maintenance made to them to prevent wasting time. Always test out trial or free versions first before investing big money.

For further information on which tools I use and recommend, check out some of the resources listed on this site!