Additional Ways to Use Your Ecover

While the main focus for creating eye catching ecovers to use them for your books there are other ways you can use the covers you make. Getting a book published is a goal for many people today as they are looking forward to boasting to their family and friends that they are now a published author. But what else can you do with these covers?

Once you have the design for your ecover - you can then use this to create additional marketing material - including:
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • Business Cards

Once you have downloaded your main ecover you can then resize it and use it in various ways on your website. Thumbnail images are great for adding as a featured image on any related blog posts that you create. You can also use them to create a specific page on your blog for all the books and reports that you have created.

Re-sizing your ecovers is a good idea when space is a problem on your page. By re-sizing your image even by a small amount you can save space. Just remember that when you resize your image to ensure that the title is still readable.
There is nothing worse than having a tiny image with a blurred picture or title. This ends up looking messy and will deter people from clicking on your links or reading any further.

Even if you don’t intend to publish your books on sites like Kindle or in the iBookstore you should still aim to create great looking ecovers. Using great looking ecovers help to brand your business and creates a solid and professional appearance for your business.

No matter what type of business you run there is room for you to create your own book or short report. This could be as simple as a 7 or 10 page guide on how to do a certain task. Reports and books don’t have to contain hundreds of pages today.

Let’s look at some ideas for reports:
  1. Real Estate – How to Get Your Home Ready for a Showing
  2. Plumbers – How to Fix…
  3. Dentist - The Basics of Good Dental Practices
  4. Hardware Store – How to Choose New Lighting Fixtures

You get the idea? There are plenty of ways to come up with book or report topics that help to brand your business. You can improve the look of your report by using a professional ecover.

When it comes to distributing your book you can have it available as an online download and simply provide your customers with the Buy Link. Or you can format the book or report on a site such as CreateSpace and then people can order a print version of the book. Some people still prefer print books and these are good for how to or step by step books along with cookbooks.

The easiest way we have found to create your ecover is by using the software found over at this site: MyeCoverMaker.