Affordable Graphic Designers

Trying to find a cheap graphic designer is like trying to find a cheap Porsche dealership: It simply does not exist.

Fact is, you get what you pay for. This is especially true when it comes to professional graphic designers. If you find Click this eCover image to discover how you can create your own ebook covers! one that is cheap, chances are you won't get much of a design from him/her.

It is also extremely hard to find a decent designer who is not backed up with work for weeks (or even months). When they are good, they have lots of work (usually), and when that happens, they start charging more and more as well.

Which is why I started playing around with Photoshop myself - trying to learn a thing or two about it, so I did not always have to find someone to do the little things for me.

I will say it has paid off - especially when it comes to getting ecovers done. Mind you I don't use photoshop to create ebook covers, but that doesn't change the fact that I have learned to crank out decent looking ecovers in a matter of minutes.

Here are more details on what free service I use!

The ability to create ebook covers is definitely a skill I am very glad to have learned. Or should I say: I am happy I found the tool that makes ecovers in such a breeze ;)