The Significance of a Professional Looking eBook Cover!

An engaging ebook cover is vital in getting the attention of the reader and also plays a crucial role in boosting sales and internet traffic. Whether it is a printed book or a digital ebook, the cover is always important because that is the first thing a reader notices when he is looking to read something, and the unique quality of the cover makes the ebook stand out among many others.

The look of the ebook cover depends on the content but no matter what the topic is, the writer must ensure that it looks professional, conveys the crux of the written material and gives all the necessary information clearly without any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

The cover of an ebook is all the more important because most people on the internet browse through ebooks very fast. In a bookstore, you have the option of holding the book, feeling the pages, observing its shape and size, which simultaneously create an impact on your decision to buy or not buy it. But in case of digital books, the visual experience is imperative in motivating you to read further about the ebook and purchase it.

As a new or self-published writer, you will naturally be on a tight budget and arranging for a graphic artist, font expert, photographer or models for the ebook cover can be difficult.

However, there are many reliable websites which offer a wide range of options for free or for a nominal amount by which you can create an effective ebook cover. Once you have finished writing, you can use these services to make your ebook more noticeable, thereby optimizing your efforts.

The image on the cover gives the reader an idea of what the ebook is all about. But besides high resolution, attractive graphics, one must also make sure that the title of the ebook is written using a professional looking font and bright colors and the typography is legible. Many readers complain that while browsing through ebooks on smaller devices like smartphones or tablets, there is a lack of clarity and the image overpowers the title. You will end up losing valuable customers if you fail to engage their interest due to an insipid or confusing cover.

In fact, in many tablets, the image appears in black and white, often stretched to fit the screen and is very small. In such a situation, it is important that the font is bold and striking and there is a harmonious balance between the image and the text. An ebook cover must be created in such a way that both the full screen and the thumbnail versions are readable in order to get more buyers.

Potential readers tend to remember the cover more than the name of the book or author, especially when the author is not very famous, and hence it is essential that you invest some time and money in creating a proper, professional looking ebook cover so that it makes the desired impact. A good ebook cover, thus, lets the consumer know a bit about the author's personality, increases visibility, highlights the main idea of the book and piques the reader's curiosity, leading to better sales.